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Old Local Maps

If you're interested in local history, a great source of old maps is


They sell various flavours of old Ordnance Survey maps, going back to the original (for Shropshire) "Old Series" of 1833-1838

Other key dates are 1902, 1925, and the 1940s

The development of the county/parish can really be seen in these maps.

Longden in the Domesday Book


I want to know where the 60 pigs went...

Planning Applications

We don't seem to have a feed of active planning applications within the Parish. But those interested can find them, with a bit of effort, on the County Council website, on the address below:


Longden in Spring

Oil Seed Rape and Sky

The year is passing....

The Website is worth continuing, as a permanent part of the parish

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Parish Paths Progress report

Is attached

Longden Village Hall: Good News

Roger Evans (Shropshire CC) tells us that it has just been announced that the Longden Village Hall has been given a grant by Shropshire Council of £8,000 to help with repairs.

Great News!

The Parish Plan

The Parish Plan, presented on Thursday 25th November, is a reference book of the targets and challenges most valued at present in our community. It was compiled by the Parish Plan Steering Group following considerable consultation with the residents of the parish.

It is available for download by clicking here

(Please note this is a PDF document. You will need Acrobat Reader to view it. Acrobat Reader is available for free download at http://get.adobe.com/uk/reader/ )

Broadband in the Parish

If you're reading this, you may be only too aware that the broadband provision "in the sticks" is less than fast for many of us.

BT are currently thinking about rolling out Fibre Optic Broadband, but they need to have some idea about the likely takeup.

Currently, the Parish is way down their list of likely spots. Only 46 subscribers out of a total of 1008 have expressed any interest!

If you'd be interested (there's no commital, as far as I am aware) in a much faster connection, can I commend


to you. Visit, and vote if you would be interested.

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