Public Meeting to look at updating the Parish Plan with a Neighbourhood Plan Light.

Longden Parish Council Public Meeting,

Your chance to help influence the priorities and development of this Parish.

Longden Parish Council is hosting a public meeting to discuss the creation of a Neighbourhood Plan Light and set up a group to take the process further. The Neighbourhood Plan Light is a document which is similar to a Parish Plan. The last Parish Plan was completed in 2010 and now needs updating.

The meeting will take place at Longden Village Hall on Wednesday 17th February 2016 starting at 7.30pm.

We would encourage everyone to attend as we need your input to develop this important document so that the thoughts of all residents are fully represented.

For more information please contact the clerk;
Lorna Pardoe - 01743 718695 e-mail.

Shropshire Councillor Roger Evans 07811992349