Analysis of questionnaires from planning meeting

On Wednesday 9th June Longden Parish Council arranged a public meeting (click for details) to inform members of the public and obtain their views on the Site Allocation and Management of Development Consultation document.

65 members of the public attended the meeting.

Questionnaires were circulated at the meeting and members of the public were asked to return them to the clerk for analysis. The questions posed in the questionnaire were taken from the Consultation Document.
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31 Questionnaires were returned and the results of those returned have been analysed for each village or area as follows:-

  • Longden
  • Annscroft
  • Hook-a-Gate
  • Longden Common
  • Lower Common/Exfords Greens

Results sheets are enclosed together with copies of all the Questionnaires returned.

A summary showing the majority decision is as follows:-

Q B1. Do you regard your village to be a community hub or cluster. Is it sustainable or should it be treated as open countryside?

Longden Open Countyside 43% of replies
Annscroft Cluster 50% of replies
Hook-a-Gate Open Countryside 100% of replies
Longden Common Cluster 66% of replies
Lower Common/Exfords Green Open Countryside 66% of replies

Q B2. How many new homes would you like to see built in your village over the next 16 years

Longden 56% of replies said 10 or less
Annscroft 100% of replies said 15 or less
Hook-a-Gate 100% of replies said 2 or less
Longden Common 66% of replies said 5 or less
Lower Common/Exfords Green 66% of replies said 2 or less

Q B5 Should your village have a Development Boundary?

Longden 76% of replies said Yes
Annscroft 50% said Yes 50% said No
Hook-a-Gate 100% of replies said Yes
Longden Common 66% of replies said No
Lower Common/Exfords Green 66% of replies said No

Q B3. What Local Infrastructure requirements does your village need?

Comments included:-

  • Improved standard of present roads 35% of all replies
  • Extended bus services to include evenings and weekends 26% of all replies
  • Pavement from Longden to Annscroft and pavement on all approaches to Londen 26% of all replies
  • Improved Broadband connection 13% of all replies

Other comments can be seen on village result sheets.

Q B7 Is there a need to develop futher employment in your village?

Longden No 62% of replies
Annscroft Yes 50%/No 50%
Hook-a-Gate Yes 50%/No50%
Longden Common No 100% of replies
Lower Common/Exfords Green No 100% of replies

Q B8 What Open Spaces/green spaces do you wish to retain and why?

All present open spaces including play areas and school playing fields 100% of all replies

Q B11. Where would affordable housing be most appropriate in your village, specify type of housing.

57% of replies said on the Arrow Site in School Lane (starter homes, terraced or small semis).

15% of replies said only in-fill on individual sites within the village

100% of replies said in-fill only.

100% said no affordable housing in Hook-a-Gate

Longden Common
100% of replies said near the School in Longden

Lower Common/Exfords Green
100% of replies said no affordable housing in this area.
66% of replies said affordable homes on the Arrow Site in School Lane, Longden

Q B12. Where would a gypsy or travellers site be best suited in your local area?

  • 77% of replies said nowhere suitable in Parish
  • 10% said near the Farriers in Annscroft

Other suggestions can be seen on individual village results sheet.

Mrs J Griffiths
Clerk to the Parish Council