Cygnets reborn....

From Ralph Clark :

"The Cygnets" pub at Hook-a-Gate has been renamed " The Mucky Duck". Possibly not a name which will agree with you on the first reading but all the same a memorable and commercial name. The pub has had a total makeover and now is a delightful place to be. New landlords David and Jane are a pleasure to know. They are experienced in running family pubs and restaurants in the Midlands. David is a fanatic at providing beer in the finest possible condition so you can be sure that those who know their beer will get an excellent pint. The pub is now a "bar and restaurant" and David has employed an experienced Michelin chef to provide all local and home made food to a high standard at a reasonable price. Children are welcome and a special children's menu will be developed soon. On Sunday I chatted to some of his old customers who had travelled forty miles just to follow David's footsteps. It is just a lovely place to go an I would highly recommend it.


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